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The main objective of the Faculty of Engineering is to bring modern research close to its partners in the region which can thereby benefit from international trends in research and development. Int he established framework of joint Research Centre a partner company may have control over the complete R&D process from initialization to final reports.

Our modern infrastructure and the expertise of our researchers have recently contributed to the success of several large-scale joint projects. The increasing number of research grants is a good indicator of our involvement in applied research tailored to the need of partner companies, academic institutions and universities.


Materials Testing - Materials Engineering

  • Development and manufacture of polymers, testing of physical and chemical properties as well as applications.
  • Development and testing of high strength technical ceramics and composites.
  • Modification of physical and chemical properties of raw materials of ceramics by mechanical activation.
  • Manufacture of high temperature superconductors for various electronic and magnetic applications, development of various chemical compositions and manufacturing methods
  • Testing of composition and properties of metal grinding additives.
  • Surface analysis.
  • Testing of protective coatings: measurement of coating thickness and hardness, testing of adhesion, plastic forming, impact resistance, impedance as well as thermal and dielectric properties, color and luminance.
  • Lead-free technologies.
  • Environmental scanning electron microscopy and X-ray analysis, failure analysis and quality control
  • Mechanochemistry research (effect of mechanically induced deformation, fracture, and dispersion onto the structure and reactivity of materials).
  • Testing of lubricants and additives, lubrication consulting, selection and/or replacement of the right lubricants, testing of additives and their effects.


Our mechanical engineering services

  • Optimal design of constructions (metal constructions, machine parts).
  • Optimisation and straight design of sandwich constructions.
  • Evolutionary optimisation algorithms using for the design of constructions.
  • Mechanical testing of metallic materials (tensile strength, Charpy impact testing and hardness) and portable XRF analysers for metal analysis.
  • Participation in mechanical development of mechatronical and mechanical structures.
  • Competitive product development with DFMA (Design for Manufacture an Assembly).
  • Developing of measuring methods of physical quanta (pressure, temperature, stresses and strains and other dynamical parameters).
  • Development and testing of industrial armatures.
  • CAD curse (Autodesk, Inventor).
  • FESTO curses (PLC, etc.)


Mechatronical research and developement

  • On-line computer controlled data acquisition systems for the measurement of physical and physicochemical parameters (concentration, pH, temperature, electric conductivity) of cutting and cooling oils.
  • Development and design of softwares and drive circuits for stepper motors.
  • Micro-pumping of liquids.
  • Design and optimisation of linear actuators.
  • Design and developments of optical instruments.
  • Development of rotational rheometers for the viscosity measurement of magnetic and electrorheological fluids.
  • Turbidity measurements for nuclear power plant cooling waters.
  • Mechatronical sensors for the measurement of magnetite layer thickness on the austenic steel surfaces.


Process engineering

  • Process engineering services.
  • Analysis of operating technologies, detection of bottlenecks.
  • Process modeling, conceptual process design, analysis and design of control systems.


For more information, please contact mkdekani@almos.uni-pannon.hu.

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